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Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness Centre

Elaine Rudkin

FHG Inc Chair

Nicky Mercer       Phone: 027 669 4430
Elaine Rudkin      Phone: 0274 914 169

Pukekohe Hospital
Tuakau Road, Pukekohe
Phone: 09 237 0676

Elaine and Nicky, the Good Health Girls, aspire to promote positive change and improve the wellbeing of those in the local community, opening up the power of Chinese medicine.

They are traditionally trained and ACC registered acupuncturists. Elaine has an extensive background in nursing and midwifery. Nicky is a nurse and energy kinesiologist, helping people to find balance in mind and body. Alongside traditional oriental techniques they offer wellness advice, use herbs, homeopathy, Bach flowers and supplements.

They hold 2 general clinics for both adults and children, pregnancy and fertility and are located at Pukekohe Hospital and also in Drury at J Marrs Physiotherapy, (corner of Great south Rd and Sutton Rd).

Inner Balance Acupuncture & Kinesiology

Nicky Mercer

FHG Inc Vice-Chair

Phone: 027 669 4430
Website:  Clarks Beach

Through kinesiology and Chinese medicine I can assist you to meet your goal(s), by stimulating your body’s own innate healing mechanisms. I think of it as ‘balancing the body’ rather than giving ‘treatment’ and helping with that journey is highly rewarding.

I began my career as a registered nurse and after the birth of my babies I shifted my focus onto complementary solutions. What I found was some fantastic modalities that I only wished I knew about a lot earlier.  I have integrated my nursing background, kinesiology and acupuncture into a framework that I apply in the clinic. I hold a post graduate diploma in Acupuncture and Case Management  and I’m an ACC approved provider. I have a general practice that involves both adults and children across a broad range of health concerns, however I do not diagnose medical conditions and I recommend you consult your general practitioner for this.

I hold clinics at my home in Clarks Beach and at Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness Centre located at Pukekohe Hospital with colleague Elaine Rudkin. Its with pleasure that I look forward to assisting you.

Smiling Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong

Tamara Bennett

FHG Inc -Secretary

Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health Institute

Cell: 021 255 1087

Classes, Instructor Training, Corporate, Kidz and BREATHE Coaching


Tai Chi involves a series of slow, fluid, gentle movements that improves fitness, muscle strength, balance and flexibility. Regular movement and breathing effectively can help improve blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cardiovascular function and can also help manage the symptoms of many other ailments.

Classes + Weekend Workshops …Tai Chi for Health programmes, Yang 24, Yang 10, Sun 73, Qigong sets, Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Cane, 32 Sword,  plus Breathing Effectively. Classes maintain a high standard of safety, encouraging practice, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle.

What is Qigong? ‘Qi’ (energy) + ‘gong’ (working with); so Qigong is simply working with your body’s energy and is the foundation of the Chinese health system. Using breathing, movement and meditation to bring awareness, healing and balance to your body inside and out. Smile Within

Community Tai Chi classes are available in:
Pukekohe, Waiuku, Mauku/Patumahoe and Tuakau

Freedom EFT

Barb Starke

FHG Inc – Treasurer

Phone: 09 390 2424
021 1735743

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT (Tapping) is a mixture of acupressure and talk therapy and is a gentle self-paced technique. EFT can be effective for many things; pain management, stress relief, phobias, fears, addictions, traumatic memories, learning and behavioural problems. EFT is also very good for many emotional issues; including eating disorders, poor motivation and is also a great tool for confidence building.

I describe myself as a Pathways Coach. I help people calm their worries and create pathways to clear thinking and great decision making!!! I am certified with the international organisation AAMET.

Counsellor – Pam Bloxham

Pam Bloxham

Committee Member

Mobile: 027 280 9797


Help yourself to my knowledge, wisdom & empowermentDo you want someone to talk to who will also support you through personal difficulties?

I work with the following –

  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Adolescents
  • Family Work
  • Mediation
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Employee Assistance Programmes

Don’t forget to take advantage of the $20 discount off your first visit, by mentioning you visited the FHG Inc website!

I look forward to hearing from you

Reiki & Remedies

Judy Harriman

Committee Member

Cell: 027 418 2793
Phone: 09 250 0201


I am a Registered Reiki Master Practitioner, a Registered First Light Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Certified Crystal Healer.

Reiki is very beneficial for stress, anxiety, fatigue, recovery after surgery, emotions, pain relief, and much more.

Crystal Healing is great to balance your chakras and works wonderfully with Reiki.

I use the First Light NZ Native Flower Essences to help with any situation in your life.

As well as being a Reiki Practitioner I also teach Reiki workshops and Crystal Therapy workshops.


Caroline Lawrence

Phone: 09-282-6769
Cell: 021-0818-2611

Caroline Lawrence is a natural therapy practitioner, certified professional MRNZ  practicing reflexology, 4Life Independent distributor, certified EFT Tapping with the international organization AAMET, trainer, writer and publisher.   She has had 20  years in the art of of reflexology and  20 years working with complementary medicine .She uses the concepts of ” You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay , rewiring your brain with the positive affirmations which help restore your body to health and well-being. Caroline is a Sweet Louise Provider, offering reflexology  to Ladies who are living with secondary cancer. She is proud to be part of a team   working  at the annual retreats for the Positive Women , HIV organization in her 5th year,

She offers:

  • Reflexology mini workshops and Pamper days
  • Introduction to EFT Tapping , Meridian tapping
  • Personal development coach  and mentorship
  • 4Life opportunity and 4Life products for the Immune system health

Caroline’s mission and passion is to educate men and women with the tools to take their lives to a higher level of health and wellness never thought possible.

To find out more Visit:, 

Chiropractic Edge

Dr Kristina Taylor
Dr Chris Ramsay

Phone: 09 239 2837

35 King Street, Pukekohe, 2120

At Chiropractic Edge you will receive exceptional service from our experienced chiropractors who are specialists in your nervous system and the function of your body.

Your initial consultation includes a thorough physical and neurological exam, a state of the art thermography scan and an individualised care program designed to help you achieve your health goals. The chiropractors present valuable health and wellness talks to the community and local businesses.

In our office we see newborns to the elderly and specialise in gentle, effective natural family wellness care. Chiropractic can help improve pregnancy and birth outcomes, childhood and parental wellbeing and enhance sports performance.

Chiropractors help the body restore proper function to the spine and Nervous System therefore maximising the bodies ability to heal and thrive. Chiropractic can give you and your family the edge on life – get your spine and nervous system checked today!!

CMT Therapeutic Massage

Debbie Scrooby

Phone: 021 236 4851
Cell: 021 236 4851

World Gym, 9 Creek Street, Drury, 2113
(on the corner of Bremner Road)

Ground Floor, Professional House
14 Seddon Street, Pukekohe
(opposite Countdown)

Debbie Scrooby qualified over 20 years ago and has done various courses over the years.

The massage technique she uses is her own, and is a combination of Eastern and Western techniques.  Over and above massage, what she does is to retrain muscles to do the work they were designed to do.  When muscles are injured or stressed in any way, other muscles take over the use of those, and you therefore have a compensation thing going on.

Muscles have memory, and by stimulating the given muscles and nerves, she is often able to retrain the specific muscle groups. In short, what she does is find the sore spots you never knew you had and fixes them.

Massage therapy, including a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques can help alleviate pain and symptoms caused from back and neck pain, stiffness to the neck, pins and needles, headaches, sinusitis, muscle spasms, etc.  Stress and tension,  sciatica, frozen shoulders, whiplash, tight or shortened hamstrings, fibromyalgia, etc can also be alleviated by a combination of massage and exercises.

Healing Hands & Herbs

Maureen Verrill

Phone: 09 235 7098
021 133 8981

4 Tui Place, Waiuku

Natural Health Clinic
Healing Hands & Herbs natural health clinic is run by Maureen Verrill, a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist.

A naturopath uses a holistic approach to treat a wide range of health conditions using herbal medicines and supplements where appropriate along with dietary and lifestyle guidelines and therapeutic bodywork where
indicated to suit each individual.

Services include:
Medicinal Herbs
Bach Flower Essences
Iridology Assessments
Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis
Allergy Hair Testing
Therapeutic Massage

From babies to maturity, through all of life’s health stages and challenges,
Healing Hands & Herbs can help you to optimal wellbeing.

Health Direct W.S. Ltd

Heather Fausett

Phone: 09 238 1162
NZ 027 63 444 969

23 Grace James Rd
Pukekohe 2120

PO Box 62
Pukekohe 2340

I am a Registered nurse, Cancer survivor and a Certified Nutritionist.

I consult as a lifestyle coach, helping you to live a full and vibrant life, with a holistic approach, focusing mostly on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to achieve this. I offer the products you need for a healthy lifestyle direct wholesale where possible, from the manufacturer or distributor, so that you can spend your dollar wisely and be informed and responsible for your health. I believe that living life well should be Fun and Easy!

Holistic Toolbox Organics Limited

Pauline Douglass

Phone: 09 239 1701
Cell: 027 341 2800

Ina Ville drive

The focus of Holistic Toolbox Organics is to provide the community with the freshest and most nutritious organic food available at a low price. Minimising toxic pesticides, chemicals and hormones is vital for babies and children to develop and can enable families to achieve optimum health.

A large portion of the fresh produce is grown locally at Franklin’s very own dedicated organic growers. Pauline believes that it is very important to support organic farming for the future sustainability of New Zealand’s soils, waterways and wild life.

Also available are top-branded food intolerant alternatives, natural household cleaning products, natural body and beauty products and all aromatherapy supplies.

Hot Yoga Asylimb

Vivienne Churchill

Phone: 09 239 2423

2 F Glasgow Road (upstairs)

Hot Yoga Asylimb is a purpose built studio offering classes, all designed for the beginner right through to the experienced yoga student.

We teach five very exciting and diverse, but complimentary styles of yoga – Mukti, Yin, Flow, KnotHot and Yoga Nidra. Most of our classes are heated, but we also have non-heated classes. In each class our certified teachers guide students through a specific series of postures designed to balance and improve the health of the entire body and mind.

Benefits safely and quickly gained include: weight control, fitness, flexibility, and focus, increased strength, tone and balance, discipline, mental clarity as well as detoxification and de-stressing – improving the health of the entire body and mind.

Experience for yourself why hundreds of thousands of people around the world love their yoga practice.

Karaka Physiotherapy & Pilates

Amanda Brown

Phone: 09 292 7708
Cell: 021 341 923

22 Ellett Road
R.D.1 Papakura  2580

Information coming soon

Lymph Therapies ~ Diane Lacey

Diane Lacey

Key’s to Life Centre , 33 King Street
Pukekohe East  2120

Cell: 021 142 9338

I specialise in Manual Lymph Drainage and Lymphoedema Therapy in addition to Relaxation & Therapeutic Massage.

Lymphatic Drainage or Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle, rhythmic, manual technique performed on the skin which stimulates fluid movement in the tissues. This helps to clean tissues and drain waste products leading to greater cell health. MLD also affects the nervous system by blocking pain messages thereby reducing pain and promoting relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. It is thought that increased lymph flow has a positive effect on Immune Function as harmful substances move more rapidly towards lymph nodes to be inactivated. MLD is proven to be beneficial post injury or surgery as it drains local swelling and bruising, treats the surgical scar and stimulates the regeneration of damaged lymph vessels.

Lymphoedema is a swelling caused by a buildup of fluid in the tissues caused by either a poorly formed Lymphatic System called Primary Lymphoedema or as a result of trauma, surgery, removal or Radiation of Lymph Nodes which is called Secondary Lymphoedema. Therapy assists with relieving the symptoms of Lymphoedema and involves MLD, compression bandaging / compression garments, exercise and skin care.

I have been a Theatre Nurse since 1989 and obtained a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at the New Zealand College of Massage in 2007.

I was certified as an MLD and Lymphoedema Therapist at the Dr Vodder School in Austria in 2008.

Osteopathy Pukekohe

Helen Wright

Phone: 09 238 7806;

Clinic: Way of Life Health Shop, 66-68, Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe, Auckland

Osteopathy is a system of health care that places emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and its importance to the overall function and health of the body. It adopts many assessment tools that mirror those used in more conventional/orthodox medicine (orthopaedics, neurology etc) but the treatment approach invariably differs.

Osteopaths focus on health and well-being rather than the treatment of ill health or disease. The body is restored to a state of balance without the use of drugs or surgery but by specific techniques that break down the barriers preventing the tissues from functioning optimally and healing themselves post injury.

A range of non invasive, gentle, techniques are adopted which can involve treating the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) the organs (e.g the small and large intestines) and the joints, including joint manipulation (audible click). ‘Treatment’ also includes advice and exercises to maintain the state of balance and strengthen weakened areas to prevent a recurrence. Each treatment is tailored to suit an individual.

2 Karmu Clinic

Kathy Bray

Phone: 09 299 7640
Cell: 0274 837 231

3 Redcrest Ave Papakura 2110

REFLEXOLOGY is a unique gift of mine, which brings better health to mind body and soul. Reflexology benefits include: release of stress, toxins and blocked energy, plus balance of the body’s inner self. Your feet are the mirror of your body. Reflexology touched me on a physical, emotional, mental and an amazing spiritual level.

I offer BOWTECH, the original Bowen technique. Bowen resets and balances the body to allow it to heal itself. It stimulates energy flow empowering the body to heal, from pain or discomfort. One Bowen move, addresses the whole person, also the build-up in muscles, soft tissue, musculoskeletal framework, fascia, nerves and internal organs.

I also do Remedial Massage and On Chair Massage.

Step Up Podiatry

Jessica Tennant

Podiatrist, B.Hsc.Pod

Phone: 0800 111 224
143 Queen Street

Podiatry is a branch of allied health devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower extremity. As a foot and lower leg specialist, our podiatrist can accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and find the underlying cause. This provides a more comprehensive approach that reduces the likelihood of the injury reoccurring while maintaining mobility and independence.

At our podiatry clinic located in the heart of Pukekohe, we can assess and treat almost all lower limb conditions, from simple problems such as corns and cracked heels, to minor surgery on problems such as ingrown toenails and verrucae. Other problems that can be treated include children with walking problems (such as walking “pigeon toed”) and sports injuries that have affected the leg and foot. Basically if you have any lumps, bumps, pain or any problems with your feet and legs, a podiatrist will be able to help you!

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