Can Scenar Therapy Help Me?

In most cases Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator (SCENAR) therapy can help you. Due to the advanced technology SCENAR is used to help treat a wide variety of issues. It can help with muscle pain, aches and tension, inflammation, chronic symptoms of pain, dramatically decreases healing time after injuries, menstrual cycle irregularity, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, colds and immune system dysfunctions and often is that helping hand in pain and problems that you thought would never go away.

Originally from Russia, SCENAR therapy is a new technology in New Zealand; it has been highly successful around the world and currently has a high uptake rate in Australia. Its phenomenal success and results are explained on many websites. Recently in Australia high profile athletes have been receiving Scenar Therapy as a treatment to help with injuries that they thought would keep them out of their respective competitions for the season; having received Scenar Therapy and gaining great results many athletes have been able to return to their competitions far sooner than expected.

SCENAR is a small hand held device which uses skin-depth non invasive electro impulses. This impulse is very similar to the body’s own bio-currents and works with a biofeedback system, which is a major key to its success and the difference between other similar products on the market. The electro impulse excites the nerves in the body which then indicates the brain should generate neuro-peptides (which help the body to heal) and send them to particular areas to help with the healing process. The SCENAR device constantly receives feedback from the body and continuously updates the type of pulses sent back to the body. This change of impulse means the body has no chance to become accustomed to the impulse so does not try to block it out. The overall aim of Scenar is to help increase the body’s healing process and restore natural homeostasis (balance).

The SCENAR device is placed on your skin and adjusted to a comfortable, pain free level. The therapist then proceeds with a brushing motion over the area of concern concentrating on any apparent asymmetries on the skin. Specific readings are also taken throughout the session via the apparatuses biofeedback system. A treatment may take 30 minutes to an hour depending on whether the problem is acute or chronic. Change is usually felt by the client after the first session, but you may need a series of treatments to restore your body back to homeostasis.

For more information on Scenar Therapy and to book a session phone:

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