Nicky Mercer

FHG Inc Vice-Chair

Phone: 027 669 4430
Website:  Clarks Beach

Through kinesiology and Chinese medicine I can assist you to meet your goal(s), by stimulating your body’s own innate healing mechanisms. I think of it as ‘balancing the body’ rather than giving ‘treatment’ and helping with that journey is highly rewarding.

I began my career as a registered nurse and after the birth of my babies I shifted my focus onto complementary solutions. What I found was some fantastic modalities that I only wished I knew about a lot earlier.  I have integrated my nursing background, kinesiology and acupuncture into a framework that I apply in the clinic. I hold a post graduate diploma in Acupuncture and Case Management  and I’m an ACC approved provider. I have a general practice that involves both adults and children across a broad range of health concerns, however I do not diagnose medical conditions and I recommend you consult your general practitioner for this.

I hold clinics at my home in Clarks Beach and at Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness Centre located at Pukekohe Hospital with colleague Elaine Rudkin. Its with pleasure that I look forward to assisting you.