Keith Jackson

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Open to ALL

Authentic Healing Expertise

Keith directs his focus towards the alignment of the spiritual body and healing the physical body. His expertise extends to dimension ascension, the removal of dark spiritual attachments, the clearing of dark entities from people, homes, and land, and the identification and clearing of ghosts, and healing animals.

Physical healing, as Keith defines it, extends to a spectrum of ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, gut issues, nerve pain, trauma, SIBO, CFS/ME, tumors, cancers, arthritis, long covid, vaccine damage and more. While good health may be a goal, a maintenance requirement, or a distant consideration for some, poor health can be an overwhelming force that affects various aspects of our lives, altering our energy, straining relationships, impacting finances, and disrupting life’s journey.

Hope through Healing

Keith, a uniquely gifted healer, employs special powers to complete his services. He emphasises the interconnectedness between the spiritual and physical bodies, asserting that true healing requires addressing them as a unified system. Recognising our dual nature as highly spiritual and human beings, Keith encourages understanding and harnessing inner power, fostering a connection with the universe.

Keith acknowledges an alternative to conventional allopathic medicine without diminishing the role of Western medicine. He aligns with the belief that diverse pathways contribute to improved health. Holistic wellness, self-healing, Energy healing, Reiki, Gi Gong, Ancient Magick, and other holistic approaches play a significant role in contributing to genuine health.

Utilising Gifted Ancient Magick and Penden as primary tools, Keith stands out as a healer who can speak and chant in tongues, mastering 40 different ancient languages. His uniqueness lies in having spirits and magickal entities as partners in his healing services, describing them as loving, intelligent, humorous, knowledgeable, and caring.

Unparalleled Passion for Healing

Keith’s passion for healing emanates from a deep love for his work, fulfilling a lifelong calling. Gifted healing, according to him, is potent and genuine, with Keith and his team dedicated to elevating the frequency of as many people as possible on their transformative journey.