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Founder & Principal Chiropractor

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Location: First Floor, Waiuku Health Plus, 30 Constable Road, Waiuku


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Our VisionCreating a community that is thriving in their physical, mental, emotional and environmental health via chiropractic care. 

Dr Sam Haitsma is the founder and principal Chiropractor of Balance Chiropractic Waiuku.  

She is passionate about leading and empowering people to become vital and thrive.

Dr Sam graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2007 and she has completed many years of postgraduate study within the fields of Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics and Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr Sam is SOTOA Advanced certified & Craniopath, as well as specialising in TMJ disorders and working closely with orthodontists and functional dentists. She is also an educator in SOT and pediatric chiropractic areas.

Dr Sam has a vision to optimise child development and generational healing through chiropractic care, lifestyle and assisting families in creating enriched environments and experiences. 

She is a well known local Mum of 3 and bonus Mum of 2. She is also an entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. She thrives in the outdoors, hiking, the beach and gardening. 

Dr Sam lives and breathes her values of Inspiring Community Wellness.

Balance Chiropractic 

  • Dr. Sam Haitsma – Founder & Principal Chiropractor
  • Dr. Jodie Lamb – Associate Chiropractor

Qualifications and Member Associations

  • New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Auckland, NZ
  • SOTOA Advanced certified & Craniopath, Australia

Memberships and Offices Held:



Chiro Bio
Dr. Julia Churchill, B.Chiro, Animal Chiropractor Certified by the IVCA
Julia’s interest in the human body began from a young age but it wasn’t until her late
teens after battling with chronic eczema and a back injury that she found natural
health care was where she discovered her life mission. She began seeing a
chiropractor for her injury which sparked the beginning of her Chiropractic journey.
After graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic she was quickly
awarded a scholarship to study animal chiropractic at Options for Animals in Kansas,
USA. Incredibly passionate about animals, this was another aspect of her career she
had been looking forward to since discovering chiropractic.
As an Professional Aerialist (Aerial dancer) with almost 30 years of dancing
experience, her knowledge of the body and its capabilities is just one of the
advantages Julia has, having witnessed her own body’s limits in strength and
Julia enjoys challenging the incredible possibilities of the mind, body and spirit and
channelling that knowledge and power into her care and love for her clients.
Julia is also mum to a thriving little girl, a studio owner which runs weekly classes for
pole dancing and aerials and loves immersing herself into nature and fun activities.