Samantha Jung-Fielding

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Mental & emotional resilience services, Healy wellbeing frequency devices

At Happinessence, we firmly believe in a holistic approach, using subtle change modalities and achieving transformational results! Because every human is a living energy field, Happinessence sessions incorporate the latest breakthroughs in vibrational medicine using Healy frequency devices. We blend intuition, psychological resilience and frequency medicine to help you reach higher.

In essence, human happiness deals with people, purpose, path and power. So, our innovative spiritual approach stacks the deck in your favour! We awaken consciousness and target the invisible links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

With our help you get to remodel mental patterning, balance emotional charge and access powerful manifestation techniques.

In our experience, tuning into the happiness frequency lets small business owners, conscious leaders and motivated individuals effortlessly transform the ineffective codes buried deep inside themselves, their people and their practises.

Qualifications and Member Associations

    1. Master Practitioner – Hypnotherapy
    2. Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
    3. Master Practitioner – Spiritual Practices
    4. Accredited Business Mentor
    5. Distinguished Toastmaster