REIKI is a Japanese form of energy healing done by laying on of hands. Sometimes the hands are placed above the body which has the same desired affect. It is up to the practitioner which way she/he chooses; sometimes it is a mixture of both. A subtle energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client, and it is this energy that creates the relaxation and healing effect. If there are any blockages in your energy field, the REIKI healing will unblock and free up the energy lines to promote health and well-being once again.

The word REIKI comes from two Japanese words, rei which represents the higher mind and ki which represents life energy. A good definition of REIKI is that it is “the primal energy of the universe being guided by the highest wisdom of the universe.” Because of this, REIKI cannot be affected by our conscious minds or by anything negative. It can only create good. This is why REIKI is such a wonderful healing energy.When a person receives a REIKI treatment, the REIKI energy flows into the client’s energy field, affecting the ki and it also flows around the organs and tissues. REIKI provides a much higher level of nurturing to the body’s organs and tissues and also works on the mind, emotions, and spirit, helping us feel even better than before. This is why REIKI feels so good. Its life-enhancing energy fills us to overflowing with wonderful feelings of joy, peace, love, admiration, confidence, and everything healthy.
REIKI works in harmony with all other therapeutic methods. In fact, virtually all alternative and complementary therapies work well with REIKI. Furthermore, it is a great addition to Western medicine and works safely with prescription drugs, surgery, and medical procedures.
REIKI can be used for adults, children, babies, animals. In fact animals are very receptive to it. They all greatly benefit from this healing energy.
REIKI healing enhances your health and quality of life…
. Reduces stress and pain
. Increases energy levels
. Helps quick recovery after surgery and illness
. Beneficial in pregnancy and beyond
. Improves self confidence and self esteem
. Accelerates physical, emotional and mental healing
. Relaxes and calms the mind
There are several types of REIKI, but the method I use is the Usui Shiki Ryoho which was founded by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan.
I work from home in a lovely tree-studded rural property with my own treatment room.
For a first treatment allow yourself about 90 minutes and thereafter approx. 60 minutes.
I am a Registered Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified First Light NZ Native Flower Essence Practitioner.
For more information and to book a REIKI healing with me, please phone:
Judy Harriman
Phone: (09) 232 1832 or 027 418 2793