Welcome to 2011 Goal Shooting or Target Practice

As 2011 begins in earnest and the sun and holidays of last week are already beginning to fade, it is opportune for us to look forward to where we are heading and what we would like to achieve this year.

What would you like your life to look like in December 2011?
At your End of Year celebrations what will your achievements be?

Your results for the year reflect directly on your actions and these are underpinned by your planning – yes Goal Setting!!

I know –  setting goals is not particularly sexy but there is no reason that they can’t be fun and they are a great way to make positive change in your life.  Shift your thinking from thinking about goal setting as fixing something wrong in your world, consider setting goals more about – Getting what you want out of life!

What better way to take control of your life and the direction you are heading. A real reason to get up in the morning and enjoy our lives.

Some people have difficulty using the word ‘Goal’ – for them it conjures up a pass or fail – you either get the goal or miss the goal – they prefer to call them targets. They aim for targets!

10 tips for effective Goal Getting or Target Practice

  1. Dream and scheme big – plant the seeds and see them grow – you can prune later
  2. Align your goal with your values, passion and purpose for the best fit and achievability
  3. Be SMART about your goal
  4. Ask yourself is this a WANT goal, or ‘shoulda’, ‘coulda’ goals.  Only go for the WANT – and something the YOU really want to do, have, achieve
  5. Make a public declaration – tell others – be courageous and get it out there
  6. Create action steps –avoid the overwhelm by concentrating on the finish line
  7. Celebrate the milestones as you travel towards the destination.  Overwhelm is the blight to achieving your goals
  8. Practice flexibility – there are more ways than one to Mecca
  9. Lighten up – If your goal isn’t energising you – you don’t want it enough
  10. Get an Accountability Partner: Now the secret is to have a system of accountability, get the support you need. This can be an hour in your calendar every week, a buddy, a monthly team meeting, or a coach. The point is… JUST DO IT! This is the difference between success and meritocracy

Confucius said –‘he who aims for nothing is sure to hit it’

Are you ready for goal shooting or target practice?