Your Body is Changing.

Your body is changing. Your life doesn’t have to. As a woman, you take your health seriously. You want to do everything you can to enjoy life to the fullest for years to come. You are a woman. And you are living a great life. Now is the time to take action; and do everything possible to take care of yourself and support your body’s health, so that the best years of your life will remain ahead of you.

Where did we get the idea that aging had to mean “growing old?” Can you picture yourself at age 70 and 80, still being active and energetic, enjoying a couple of laps around the pool or 18 holes of golf? At age 20, 30 or forty it may not seem that important or valuable to take nutritional supplements and daily exercise. But the habits you form and the way you live your life during these early years that establish a foundation for the energy and health you’ll have throughout the rest of your life.

Aging doesn’t have to mean less energy less vitality, aching joints and sore muscles. Aging doesn’t have to mean growing old, or worse yet, feeling old. Essential to good life is better health. Enjoy your health and strive for optimum health by taking care of yourself- eat right and get exercise daily. Diet and exercise have both been linked to promoting healthy hormone levels throughout life.
What is estrogen and why is it important?

Estrogen is a hormone that regulates a number of functions in the body, including sexual function, bone health and proper cholesterol balance. Estrogen is both necessary and beneficial, but it can also be harmful to our health when our natural hormone levels are out of balance. Phytoestrogens are beneficial for men and women. Phytoestrogens are especially interesting because they are structural and when they consumed, they tend to act like weak estrogens. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, and even common menopausal maladies such as hot flashes have been found to be much more prevalent in Western societies, but almost unknown in many Eastern cultures.

Why? A closer look of each society’s diet and cancer rate differences, scientists found a link – the consumption of a soy-rich diet! A closer look at the soybean revealed that soy is rich in several phytoestrogens, including isoflavones like genistein and genistin. Genistein is considered the star isoflavone. Pharmaceutical companies have produced a synthetic variation of genistein called “ipriflavone. ” Tamoxifen is the synthetic counterpart to genistein and works to block the ability of estrogen to stimulate the kinds of changes in breast tissue that result in formation of tumors.

Genistein has been shown in some cases to support bone mass health, support prostate health, support and maintain healthy breast tissue and help support and maintain heart and artery health.

A healthy immune system works miracles daily. Increased demands on the immune system reduce its ability to protect our bodies from environmental pollutants, improper diet and other harmful elements that can lead to a decline in health and disease.

Article by Caroline Lawrence Happyfoot
Certified Reflexologist and 4Life Independent Distributor
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