The Franklin Health Group Inc was established in 2009. Franklin District (and surrounding communities) Health & Wellness practitioners meet on a regular basis to network, mingle, support and promote health and wellness in our community.

Please find below information about joining the Franklin Health Group Inc, Benefits, Code of Ethics and Society Purposes.

Please go to the ‘What’s On‘ page for dates and locations of our networking Mix n’ Mingle and Guest Speaker meetings.

To join us, download the Franklin Health Group Inc membership form below

FHG Membership Application – fillable form

Member Benefits:

  • Networking with other health individuals
  • Invitation to regular monthly Networking Mix n Mingles (alternate Lunch and Dinner)
  • Exposure and promotion with a listing on the Franklin Health Group Inc website (Full Members)
  • Use of the Franklin Health Group Inc professional logo (Full Members)
  • Being a member of an established non-profit incorporated society, since 2010
  • The Franklin Health Group Inc is a member of FRANCOSS and is affiliated with the Franklin Locality
  • Vote at Society Meetings (Full Members)
  • Site discount at our Franklin Health Expo
  • Advertise with the group (fees applicable)
  • Join the Franklin Health Group Inc site at events; e.g.g Franklin Positive Ageing Expo
  • Membership Certificate (Full Members) digital, on request
  • Being associated with a credible local professional organisation

     The Purposes of the Franklin Health Group Inc are to:

    (a) Facilitate regular meetings to allow networking amongst members;
    (b) Encourage health professionals from all modalities within the community to join the society;
    (c) Maintain a registry of FHG Inc members;
    (d) Create information sharing and educational events for members;
    (e) Promote awareness and deepen the understanding of the different health modalities within the group;
    (f) Actively promote the members within the community, via the society\’s website and any other advertising that the group chooses to commit to;
    (g) Promote quality, expertise, and integrity amongst the members of the Society;
    (h) Support the aims and objectives of the FHG Inc members;
    (i) Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.


    The Franklin Health Group Inc ~ Member Privacy Policy is:

    1. Use, disclosure and retention of information, personal information collected (i.e. name, address, phone number and email address) is utilised for the maintenance of a registry of all Franklin Health Group Inc members.
    2. Members are invited to provide promotion information (including photograph) for inclusion on the Franklin Health Group Website. It is agreed that the information provided them becomes public information.
    3. The membership list is used for newsletter mail-outs, and other inner Health Group communications as necessary.
    4. Members may use the website directory as a tool for referral, mutual support and networking with other members.
    5. Safeguards are taken to ensure that other personal information is secure.

    Franklin Health Group Inc  ~ Code of Ethics:

    All members shall:

    1. Adhere to and uphold the Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice as shall be determined by the Society.
    2. Uphold the dignity and status of the Franklin Health Group Inc. at all times
    3. Only offer services or therapies for which they are specifically trained, and only claim knowledge, skills or qualifications actually possessed.
    4. Refer clients with conditions beyond their skills and experience to other qualified professionals.
    5. Maintain and update their skills by undertaking ongoing education.
    6. Act with integrity, respecting the rights to privacy and confidentiality as to the content of the sessions and documentation of those sessions in accordance with good practice and legislation including the Privacy Act.
    7. Not abuse their position of trust to take advantage of clients or participants for the purpose of professional, political, financial (other than for treatments provided) or sexual gain.
    8. Clearly explain to clients or participants, treatments or practice to be undertaken including benefits, effects and purpose to ensure the client is a fully informed.
    9. Use Society name and logos only in accordance with the prevailing guidelines.
    10. Abide by the practitioner member\’s specific Code of Ethics for their profession/association.
    11. Recognise the need to work cooperatively with other disciplines, holistic or allopathic, to best serve the clients need, respecting the unique contributions of each discipline.
    12. Maintain an interest in the well-being of all human beings, regardless of colour, creed or nationality.
    13. Members have a duty to protect the natural environment and to minimise any adverse impact their work may have.
    14. Members must be aware that the above Summary of the Code is not exhaustive and that they must act ethically in all circumstances whether specifically mentioned by the Code or not.



    Franklin Health Group Inc  ~ Membership Structure:

      Guest Associate Membership Full Membership Applies to either one individual or business
    Joining Fee Entitled to 2 guest visits. Guest must then join as either Associate or Full Member $25 $54
    Annual Subscriptions NO $20 $36
    Society Membership Certificate NO NO YES (digital, on request)
    Attend General Meetings YES, fee applicable for guest speaker YES YES
    Attend Annual General Meetings YES, fee applicable for guest speaker YES YES
    Listing on Website NO

    NO (can be listed with a FHG Inc full member)

    YES 1 section per membership
    Voting Rights NO NO YES 1 vote per membership
    Group Advertising NO NO YES, fee varies