Itchy Dog Syndrome

It’s the time of year for itchy skin in dogs.

This can be due to a number of things:
• Allergies to food
• Allergies to grasses
• Allergies to Fleas or their treatment

It could even be an underlying condition that is worsened by the increase in temperature and the humidity.

There are several ways this itchy skin can be addressed and resolved:
• Change of diet
• Over the counter homeopathic remedy
• Classical homeopathic consultation

I’ve successfully treated several dogs with all the above methods and sometimes it’s what fits in with your own life style or current circumstances.

There are few true allergies and it tends to be more a sensitivity to an external trigger that exasperates an on-going condition. The skin is the largest excretory organ so issues occurring internally may-be expressed externally.

A change of diet can often help and I have found that dogs do well on the raw food diet. This is where the dog is only feed raw meat and bones. In very basic terms a dog’s stomach is more acid than a human so has fewer issues with the bacteria. Grain requires an alkaline stomach to digest so the stomach is confused when feeding both meat and grain. For more information on raw feeding please drop into Woofles Petfood shop in Kings St, Pukekohe or visit Feeding on raw food is no more expensive than feeding on a veterinary dry food.

The second option is a combination homeopathic remedy commercial product called Biopet Skin. This is a remedy made up of several homeopathic remedies that generally help with skin issues. It is not classical homeopathy, where a full consultation reviews the animal from top to toe inside and out and the individualised remedy is worked out but in a number of cases it may help reduce the impact on the dog. There is also Biopet Fleas and Biopet Grasses to deal with those specific sensitivities.

What I have found most successful is Classical homeopathy, where the remedy that is most suited to the dog’s physical, mental and emotional state is calculated out and prescribed. This option will take about an hour to an hour and a half. We can meet in the dog’s home or in my consultation area in Pukekohe. It is also possible to conduct a consultation via the internet but it really helps to see the dog. The consultation includes the remedy and may help address other issues the dog has. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me:
Katrina 021 248 6156
or drop in to see me on Saturday mornings at Woofles in King St Pukekohe.