What is Massage?

Massage is touch – and touch is something we all do every day. An understanding of the body provides an insight into the therapeutic benefits of touch. Several different massage styles are available to us all today.

Relaxation Massage helps to relax both our mind and body. It is a smooth, gentle style of massage designed to release tension from within our bodies, and improve circulation and energy flow in the body. It can relieve the effects of excess stress many of us now experience by slowing down our heart rate.

Other benefits include relief of minor muscle pain and soreness after exercise. It speeds up recovery, improves movement and circulation and helps to eliminate toxins from our bodies.

Massage helps the muscles by stimulation of normal body processes. Waste products such as lactic acid is released from muscle fibres, enabling the muscles to move more freely. Combined with the benefits of mental relaxation, increases in muscle tone are returned to an optimum level.

Massage stimulates the central nervous system via peripheral nerves in the skin. This stimulates the autonomic nervous system. Where over stimulation of a particular system occurs, the therapeutic effects of massage help redress the internal balance, allowing the body to rest and regenerate.

Massage helps improve circulation through stimulation. Waste products are transported
from muscles via capillaries and veins, improving the transport of nutrients to the
muscles and organs via arteries and capillaries.

Massage stimulates the removal of metabolic wastes. The lymphatic system helps to
transport these wastes, excess fluid or the effects of injury are filtered by lymph vessels
and nodes, helping the body to repair itself ad recover.

Massage improves skin by increasing the blood supply, therefore helping to keep it
healthy. The applications of nourishing oils and waxes and use of different massage
strokes helps to slough off dead surface cells and moisturize the skin at a deeper level.

I am a certified Massage Therapist. I have trained through the New Zealand College of
Massage in Relaxation Massage, Energy Balancing, and Polarity. I have recently
completed a Level 2 degree in Reiki with Judy Harriman. I am also committed to
ongoing training and will be able to offer additional therapies in the near future.

If you are in need to Relax and Unwind please do not hesitate to contact me and make
and appointment for a Massage.

Relax and Unwind Massage – Ph 09 23 86648