Debbie Scrooby

Phone: 021 236 4851

Cell: 021 236 4851


Ground Floor, Professional House
14 Seddon Street, Pukekohe
(opposite Countdown)

Therapeutic Massage (mirimiri haumanu)

Debbie Scrooby qualified over 20 years ago and has done various courses over the years.

The massage technique she uses is her own, and is a combination of Eastern and Western techniques.  Over and above massage, what she does is to retrain muscles to do the work they were designed to do.  When muscles are injured or stressed in any way, other muscles take over the use of those, and you therefore have a compensation thing going on.

Muscles have memory, and by stimulating the given muscles and nerves, she is often able to retrain the specific muscle groups. In short, what she does is find the sore spots you never knew you had and fixes them.

Massage therapy, including a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques can help alleviate pain and symptoms caused from back and neck pain, stiffness to the neck, pins and needles, headaches, sinusitis, muscle spasms, etc.  Stress and tension,  sciatica, frozen shoulders, whiplash, tight or shortened hamstrings, fibromyalgia, etc can also be alleviated by a combination of massage and exercises.

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