Swimming Dragon Qigong

Perhaps more ancient then acupuncture, is a Qigong system of exercise called Yang Sheng (Yang Sheng = to feed the body). These exercises are considered “internal” because they act not only on muscles, tendons and sinews, but also on the Qi flow of the internal organs.

Yang Sheng is an ancient Taoist form that originated in China over 5,000 years ago. One of the best known of the therapeutic Yang Shengs is called Swimming Dragon, which imitates the serpent-like movements of a dragon swimming in the sea.
The power for supporting three major physiological activities is called the Triple Warmer or Three Burner system. Like the acupuncture channels and their many points, the burners cannot be found by dissection or exploratory surgery. They are not objects but bodily functions. They are unseen agents that keep the natural machinery of the body running smoothly.
The Three Burners are regulators of metabolism. The top burner is located in the upper chest and controls respiration. It powers the heart and lungs. The middle burner is in the upper abdomen and regulates digestion. It fuels the stomach, spleen, liver and pancreas. The lower burner is in the lower abdomen and pelvis, and directs elimination. Its fields are the intestines, bladder and kidneys.
The Swimming Dragon Yang Sheng is fairly simple, yet an excellent way of promoting healthy activity of these burners. The result is an improvement in general well-being, with tonification of the metabolic system. It is reputed to be the most effective Qigong practice for balancing body weight; the sinuous movements of the form help control the appetite, slenderize the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks and mobilize fats and toxins into lymphatic drainage.
The Swimming Dragon involves the whole body in a graceful rhythmic movement. It reduces tension, loosens joints, brings suppleness, massages the internal organs and stimulates lymph flow. It improves circulation of the blood and of course Qi. The Swimming Dragon stretches out the whole body completely, especially the spine, and helps to straighten and strengthen the back. It regulates the kidney channels according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which in turn benefits the internal organs. Regular practice can rejuvenate the skin and promote vitality. The Swimming Dragon is also an enjoyable way to focus and calm the mind.
The movements also harmonize the hormonal system. This happens with the movements massaging the internal genital organs, which stimulates the jing energy, so it has a strong function on rejuvenation and balancing of the sexual energy. It can also improve the condition of many chronic problems around the genital organs and lower stomach and improve the power of fertility.
When practiced 20 minutes daily, this simple form balances the metabolism, glandular secretions and circulation of blood, lymph and body fluids, while promoting life-long health and inner peace.
Everyone can learn the Swimming Dragon Qigong, no matter, at what age you begin.
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By Tamara Bennett (Smiling Dragon Tai Chi & Qigong) and Stacy Shramana (Tai Chi for Well Being)